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- If your FC knows how to use them, all T3 ships will be of great use. Personally I don't see why you ...2011.07.21 23:50:00
- I find it almost impossible to see the icon next to the locked target when using projectiles. Not su ...2011.07.05 13:18:00
- Still recruiting. Join now if you want to dust off your shiny ships. ...2011.06.30 20:50:00
- I dislike this rule aswell, for the following reasons;- It does not promote unique setups, because t ...2011.04.11 09:33:00
- Looking for a few more days ...2009.11.03 22:20:00
- Rico: thank you for your reply. I will try and contact your corp ingame.Still considering more optio ...2009.11.02 10:35:00
- Hi,I am a 28 year old EU timzone pvp pilot looking for a change after almost a year of 0.0 What I am ...2009.11.01 17:30:00
- Confirming that I am not a Dead Terrorists alt (yet) ...2009.10.22 14:12:00
- Hi, I might be interested in some good fights. How many people do you have online on EU hours on ave ...2009.10.21 11:06:00
- Bamp! ...2009.08.30 11:06:00
- Still recruiting ...2009.08.28 14:09:00
- Hey Ryan, good thing we managed to catch you in the public channel And yes, there might be moments w ...2009.08.19 20:46:00
- bump ...2009.08.18 22:33:00
- Bump. ...2009.08.13 17:57:00
- Thank you for your contribution.Recruitment is still open. ...2009.07.27 23:29:00

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