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- Can anyone honestly prove the cloaker is actually AFK?Of course not.So this is actually a while abou ...2011.04.04 01:14:00
- Edited by: Kora Zilesti on 04/04/2011 00:13:21 In order to give appropriate terminology to this pla ...2011.04.04 01:08:00
- Edited by: Mel Lifera on 04/04/2011 01:02:04 You truly believe that's what happened? You're more n ...2011.04.04 01:02:00
- I would point out that the mercs were free to suicide gank the RR ship or ships. This is a skill th ...2011.04.01 21:03:00
- but some people want to OPTIONALLY follow some fictional E-HONORE code. Perfectly legit, if one want ...2011.04.01 21:00:00
- Predictable, really.Please enlighten us on how this is "Predictable". Predictable in the fact that o ...2011.04.01 20:51:00
- I even say hi sometimes when I'm first probing WH's in my covops (i.e. not combat-ready) and I see f ...2011.04.01 20:46:00
- Everyone's assuming he's a scammer.What if he was legit? exactly , what happened to innocent until p ...2011.03.31 20:54:00
- Well, former Nation loyalist pilot by the callsign of "Mister Screwball" is in the Knighthood, now.P ...2011.03.31 20:20:00
- I really don't understand why there's such a controversy over using neutral RR."Mwahahaha, I'm going ...2011.03.31 20:00:00
- This is our game. Get out.You can't tell me what to do! ...2011.03.30 13:49:00
- They've been in less than a week, and the server's already crashing in the middle of the day. This ...2011.03.29 23:12:00
- It's entirely reasonable. Here are some nebulae shots taken by Robert Gendler from his driveway us ...2011.03.29 22:36:00
- The nebulae as they exist now, are quite beautiful and well done. When I was a noob I loved staring ...2011.03.28 23:32:00
- Additionally i think the OP is right in the gist of the message. you may not like our in game posi ...2011.03.28 22:54:00

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