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- The 'other' petition is actually a link to the "ask a question" web page. Here you fill out the info ...2004.12.08 21:35:00
- I got +1 implants for level 3 important missions.Woot! ...2004.12.08 21:28:00
- Eve's strategy guide is the worst one I've ever seen. As far as accuracy goes.There will always be t ...2004.12.08 21:20:00
- There was a bug introduced with the last patch. Seems to be a display only thing. Annoying nonethele ...2004.12.08 20:42:00
- Travel time does suck. I was an early adopter of insta-BMs so many of the really long trips go by ab ...2004.12.07 19:34:00
- From my experience the important missions are level 1 not level 3. Probably why they hand out +1 imp ...2004.11.29 23:06:00
- The loot stinks because of buggy code.I like the fact that there are some seriuous die hards here wh ...2004.11.29 20:10:00
- Time seems to clear up the no spawn problem somtimes. Not sure if it has to do with the bonus timer ...2004.11.28 02:14:00
- Yes important missions you get via eve mail from a different agent then your main.However be warned, ...2004.11.28 01:48:00
- That's the whole thing. It's the bugs not the features that are problem.We tried this mission today ...2004.11.27 02:12:00
- It's not that the level 4 missions are that tough.If you are careful and agro one group at a time fr ...2004.11.27 01:53:00
- As an update I didn't fail my second mission I rebooted my PC and logged back on and auto-warped bac ...2004.11.25 19:35:00
- I can confirm the bug as well. I'm just about to fail my second mission because of this.First missio ...2004.11.25 08:02:00
- If they added all those missle skills missles would be overpowered.I agree that the the t2 equivalen ...2004.11.15 15:36:00
- Edited by: Pottsey on 10/11/2004 08:41:23 Edited by: Pottsey on 10/11/2004 08:38:36 Cap per second ...2004.11.11 13:40:00

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