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- Wow, talk about being beat over the head.Calm down peole. Just because he's looking to fill small or ...2011.08.07 22:47:00
- Personally, I have a 5 planet setup.Barren for Mech parts Lava for Consumer Elec Gas for Coolant ...2011.08.04 10:51:00
- It may have been said already, but I'm not going to read 56 pages.. sorry. -Not being able to "COLO ...2011.07.09 20:25:00
- In response to dumping off too much, that's hardly ever the case, IMHO, it's a matter of dropping en ...2011.05.27 23:36:00
- Personally I find myself in that middle ground.. i've mined for a few alliances in low and 0.0. I've ...2011.05.27 21:22:00
- Personnaly I enjoy Misha, it's right next to the Ice field in Ordion, and there always seems to be m ...2011.05.15 01:13:00
- truncated content ...2011.04.13 22:01:00
- Hello all,I'm looking to buy bulk mission loot, anything from LVL 1's to LVL 5's. Currently I'm look ...2011.04.12 23:29:00
- In all honesty, I read the first page. I hate long threads complaining.Suigin: I see your point, I h ...2011.02.24 19:55:00
- In reference to sorting by Volume, you can do that.. expand your options, it's the last set of boxes ...2011.02.19 09:22:00
- Not sure if this was said in the last 80 pages.. but I'm just gonna throw this out there.Maybe just ...2011.02.12 06:04:00
- I'm nowhere near new, and have been hanging around for awhile, Although sometimes I still wish I had ...2010.10.03 22:09:00
- Very good service, easy to use, and very friendly, completed my 7 jump contract quickly, and for a v ...2009.07.28 10:57:00
- Might be interested... Dr Yukazuma ...2009.07.24 09:41:00
- Personally looking for a corp I can deal with, I was interested at first being a 6M SP Hulk pilot bu ...2009.07.24 03:31:00

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