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- Silly little person. Once you transfer the isk it is no longer your isk. You have blink credit. Suck ...2011.09.07 14:45:00
- Hi there! You've won a Supercarrier.SC of choice: 89860 criceThanks people at Somer Blink! Keep up t ...2011.08.29 05:33:00
- Yep, congrats old friend. Based on the Celes post we would have hit that mark as well, but I believe ...2011.08.25 02:40:00
- The corp has been dead for awhile otherwise I would have you beat! ...2011.08.25 02:34:00
- I must admit that was a funny post. ...2011.07.27 14:50:00
- much love ...2011.07.10 14:42:00
- Congrats QD. It is always good to see old veterans that aren't bitter and still pay to play EvE. Che ...2011.04.02 14:19:00
- Hello Jade! Great to see your still around. Best of luck in recruiting.crice ...2011.03.01 19:08:00
- dunnnn unnnnunnn dunnn uunnnunndunnn BATMAN! 56bill ...2011.01.25 14:33:00
- sent you in game offer of 55bill ...2011.01.21 03:28:00
- My alt thanks you for the assistance with a NYX sale. ...2011.01.20 23:17:00
- evemail me. fitted or not. ...2011.01.20 21:44:00
- I vouch for Velios. Good to see you old friend.crice ...2011.01.04 15:56:00
- I believe the entire north can go DIAF. That being said Razor has been around for a long time and al ...2010.12.02 19:00:00
- Sup Metal Dude, we're coming to fortress Delve next. Yup, you and 50K of your closest pets. No ba ...2010.12.01 15:41:00

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