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- I am really happy that ice is going to be null only! But the thing with mining is, that minerals are ...2011.09.01 11:54:00
- I think a lot of the issues with the dram will resolve with a hybrid fix. At least compared to the d ...2011.09.01 11:34:00
- I was reading something about there being pos changes that we can use to customize our pos towers. C ...2011.08.25 20:32:00
- I recommend hoarding it until the price comes close to where you want it. Maybe a little above so yo ...2011.08.25 18:26:00
- I've lived in both sov and non-sov 00. I've lived in null and high sec. I've got a small taste of ev ...2011.08.25 18:17:00
- Okay so I'm trying to put Ogres into a drone group. I've got no other drones on this ship but eve ke ...2011.08.24 01:43:00
- After that precursor patch to Incarna, the one where tengus entered warp backwards, I noted a consid ...2011.08.22 10:30:00
- Ishtanchuk Fazmarai: I am too thin. I better eat sandwich. ...2011.08.12 15:06:00
- My point is we should be able to right click and select an option to get rid of it.We should also be ...2011.08.11 11:05:00
- My point is we should be able to right click and select an option to get rid of it. ...2011.08.10 16:41:00
- Edited by: Acac Sunflyier on 11/08/2011 11:06:05 I accidentally harvested the wrong resource on my ...2011.08.10 07:30:00
- These two games have lot in common. Both are spaceship based with very good an similar fighting meth ...2011.08.06 07:49:00
- When does the next iteration of Incarna come out? And does anybody have a link to where CCP gave a d ...2011.08.06 05:37:00
- Did CCP made a mistake by introducing super-caps You mean; did C.C.P. make a mistake by introducing ...2011.08.06 00:27:00
- TLDR; Some stuff happened that upset people. It kind of got resolved. Now people buy cloths inside t ...2011.08.04 12:25:00

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