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- Forget all this dross. Being an FC is all about sounding confident and bragging your way through en ...2011.01.12 01:19:00
- It's all good bro. Post away and hope you have fun getting into pvp and all that, we need more so ...2011.01.11 23:18:00
- Azura Noctis in racist allegations ...2011.01.11 22:10:00
- There already are many methods to make isk passively. ...2011.01.11 19:08:00
- I'd tell him to bugger off. ...2011.01.11 19:01:00
- suicide ganking is not griefing. ...2011.01.11 12:02:00
- no pirates sorry.I might have lied about the no pirates ...2011.01.11 09:01:00
- Edited by: MatrixSkye Mk2 on 11/01/2011 01:41:45 Hey, we're pirates and pirates can always be trust ...2011.01.11 01:50:00
- *tries to think of ways to encourage another vid in the series*You forgot F9 for the fraps button so ...2011.01.11 01:30:00
- sign up to join my corp and be part of a prestigious and important part of eve's history no pirates ...2011.01.11 00:57:00
- Well done on the kill, I hope you enjoy your time in eve but please refrain from posting every time ...2011.01.11 00:48:00
- Obligatory Paul Clavet smack response from Lady spank. ...2011.01.11 00:41:00
- Moved from general discussionConfirming Adida just reads whatever you 'report' and fails to actually ...2011.01.11 00:35:00
- this is hilarious, what is all that crap on the left hand side of your banner, also lol gangsta tag ...2011.01.11 00:33:00
- After careful review of warning we have decided to reduce your ban time from 180 days to 30 days. Th ...2011.01.10 20:41:00

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