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- and i love know it alls who need to chill and go bug someone who care *waves* bye byeBye! Better get ...2005.12.20 12:15:00
- I love it when people that know nothing about fighting watch a crappy, staged, choreographed "fight" ...2005.12.20 12:09:00
- I find it helps if you drink heavily whilst playing. After a while, nothing matters. Its great. ...2005.12.19 15:29:00
- Any suggestions?Get a life. ...2005.12.19 15:10:00
- I can only imagine what "work" that was, great now I need a psychiatrist too Whats more amazing, is ...2005.12.16 09:32:00
- I wore into work yesterday. It was a bit drafty. ...2005.12.15 19:46:00
- This is coming from a guy with who was a gallante wench for 2 years Now look who's jealous. If you w ...2005.12.15 19:42:00
- You need to talk it over with you're boyfriend wierchas noobhunter. He does seem a little envious. ...2005.12.15 19:40:00
- go away from forums noob /me lube Wild Rho(he is cool)You lube Wild Rho? Nothing changes then, al ...2005.12.15 19:39:00
- it's not as clear cut as it would appear on the surface. It is in my experience. Get a clue or d ...2005.12.15 14:21:00
- Being good at PvP is like being good at rock, paper, scissors. In other words, its alot of guess wor ...2005.12.15 13:39:00
- Extending that point further, why can't ore just jump into my cargo hold when I warp into a belt? Mi ...2005.12.14 18:35:00
- I believe Wild Rho is making a titan... out of paper, glue and sticky back plastic.He's made quite a ...2005.12.14 18:32:00
- Anything? Axel grease? Lard? Toe nail clippings? You are such a nub. How many corp members have you ...2005.12.14 18:08:00
- My suggestions?Maximo Park GuillmotsNizlopi (christmas no 1 4tw!)Hard FiFranz FerdinandRufus Wrainwr ...2005.12.14 10:57:00

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