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- There are a few things only CEO can do and some (not all) of them should stay that way or be granula ...2011.04.29 20:48:00
- A veteran what? I've been on TS with people who have played for years who voice opinions on things ...2011.04.29 20:35:00
- At least add the ability to use EMS memory. My himem is full. ...2011.04.22 16:57:00
- WTB soundproof walls when in Amarr stations. The chanting will keep me awake at night. ...2011.04.22 16:48:00
- Still would be interested in seeing the traceroute though. Sometimes you'd be surprised at the resu ...2011.04.06 20:30:00
- Edited by: Klandi on 06/04/2011 18:42:07 So Level3 are doing a good job of a content provider?I thi ...2011.04.06 19:27:00
- Can I get a lifesize tattoo of myself, on myself, only an inch taller?If not, I'll take a tattoo of ...2011.04.06 19:11:00
- So what is the darkest, most menacing place in EVE? The 'undocking' screen when you're at war & red ...2011.04.04 19:16:00
- /me looks at all his alts trained to do cyno gens in a frig only not being used and realizes he's go ...2011.04.04 19:03:00
- Are you cherry picking just one ore type for an orca to be able to hold several belts?If you're seri ...2011.04.01 20:19:00
- Already possible, you just need a vnc client installed on your smartphone. Oh, and iirc at least win ...2011.04.01 20:14:00
- You can see the milky way with the naked eye if you move to the middle of the south pacific.You can ...2011.03.29 16:16:00
- No agent quality is fantastic, as for the skills they will still have their use for improving agent ...2011.03.25 16:17:00
- Hmm...yeah I'd have to disagree with this one and also throw out the question on SP refunds. For da ...2011.03.25 15:49:00
- Yeah I thought of that while on the conference call and edited. But when I did have access to a T2 ...2011.03.21 20:53:00

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