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- What ? How ? WHen ? ... rawrr sexy things coming yay ...2008.05.23 07:07:00
- Make and alt corp and have it join the Alliance and figure it out. of, you are too lazy to do that ...2008.05.22 07:19:00
- Do peer-reviewed scientific studies satisfy your standards? Off course, can you refer me to some ...2008.05.16 10:53:00
- any of it were true in the slightest. It's been shown that it has no significant effect on a child's ...2008.05.15 22:31:00
- Edited by: Kastar on 15/05/2008 22:18:58 I don't see how you could test a group of homosexuals to s ...2008.05.15 22:13:00
- Vernor Vinge for current SF. Look him up and you won't be disappointed ...2008.05.08 20:54:00
- Congratulations Koca :) The best part of life is about to begin. ...2008.05.08 20:49:00
- A meaning to life ? I certainly hope not I try to enjoy what I do, try to have as much fun as I ca ...2008.05.08 20:46:00
- though it IS dangerous waters to be going in (allowing gay couples to adopt), it's really a subjec ...2008.05.08 20:37:00
- Edited by: Kastar on 08/05/2008 20:30:39 all parents equally seem to force their values onto their ...2008.05.08 20:28:00
- It doesn't have to do with fascism or religion per se.I'm completely atheist and firmly detest most ...2008.05.08 20:19:00
- check wehere your medical clone is, love.... ...2008.05.06 17:50:00
- is this even metagaming ? Sounds like solid ingame means if true. I said IF.Here we go again on the ...2008.04.30 20:24:00
- ... and that's why masses are never good. I've said it before, with 90% of the population you can't ...2008.04.28 08:34:00
- This game has spiraled so much down I can't even commence to describe.What the hell happened if some ...2008.04.23 08:30:00

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