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- respectable knuckles ...2009.02.24 22:43:00
- i tried to teach my dog to shoot a gun and now he wont put down the gun and im trapped in my room pl ...2009.02.23 23:39:00
- Oh god a Seth Quantix post; the one thing that brings every hostile entity together, is laughing in ...2009.02.23 15:10:00
- THIS WEEK ONLY1.25 bil for all Skunk Work Dreads, anywhere in delve. 1.2 bil for Exe Dreads in Delv ...2009.02.22 15:01:00
- oh also it was all my fault due to being a big nubzor, as I said we didnt need to take the stationja ...2009.02.22 14:49:00
- uuhhhhh im sorry didnt you see those dreads AAA killed this morning???! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY WA ...2009.02.21 20:06:00
- Congratulations to Kia for breaking two systems on the SAME DAY, on the other side of the map from y ...2009.02.21 20:00:00
- 80 mil for a deimos in december, 115 mil now.T2 prices shouldn't go much higher than this, as curren ...2009.02.21 16:57:00
- t2 prices have reached a permanently high plateau ...2009.02.21 15:17:00
- 1 Bil for any dread hull contracted to me by a member of Kenzoku in PR-EXE, Skunk works etc get 1.1 ...2009.02.21 14:57:00
- kablammo ...2009.02.21 02:36:00
- We now have POS majority in J-L. Where once Kenny had 50+ towers now they have like 6 all in reinfo ...2009.02.21 02:21:00
- forums up gogogogogogogo ...2009.02.21 02:20:00
- ardik: possibly someone as bad at posting as I amyo have you seen my eve-o threads? im in another le ...2009.02.21 01:57:00
- ahahaha we hell purged j-l ahahahaoh kenny goku ...2009.02.21 01:45:00

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