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- I stopped playing Eve a few months back after my pc got burned out. And although I do not have any c ...2011.08.06 22:41:00
- HI Jon, or anyone from CCRES. PC decided to up and die on me. I'll be away at least a couple of we ...2011.02.24 17:56:00
- I suggest other people NOT follow that link.S'why I posted what the OP's link went to.All I got was ...2011.02.21 11:06:00
- That's why you need to bookmark pockets before despawning the mission This ...2011.02.19 11:50:00
- Ninja salvaging is a great part of the game. It teaches you how to go about scanning, and aggro mech ...2011.02.18 23:56:00
- Problem is listed and will be(propably) fixed with next patch. This was my answer to petition with t ...2011.02.18 14:35:00
- wtf is a 'tosser'. i never heard that word in the normal world.British colloquial meaning a jerk-off ...2011.02.17 17:06:00
- Yea is the same on mine.There was 8 when I first got it but only six now. ...2011.02.17 14:45:00
- Edited by: Hephaesteus on 15/02/2011 14:08:30 Well obviously you suck at missions. I get 1 billion ...2011.02.15 14:07:00
- Edited by: Hephaesteus on 13/02/2011 09:47:09 I think "mops the floor with the Kronos" is going a b ...2011.02.13 09:44:00
- like a five pinta ...2011.02.13 08:58:00
- Is it worth it? Well I guess it depends on how you want to play the game and what your objectives ar ...2011.02.12 17:17:00
- Kronos has more than enough gank and tank for any lvl 4.4x 425 T2 rails Tractors and salvagers2x T2 ...2011.02.12 14:46:00
- Edited by: Hephaesteus on 11/02/2011 21:58:50 Why did you warp into a level4 mission in a fregate?M ...2011.02.11 21:54:00
- Why did you warp into a level4 mission in a fregate?Maybe because he had never done it before and wa ...2011.02.11 16:20:00

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