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- Looks good, thanks for sharing. One question popped up, why would anyone place a TCU? ...2011.08.31 21:02:00
- I predict Dust will be so popular that PS3 sales will increase by 10,000%. To keep up with demand 9 ...2011.08.31 16:03:00
- Sad how these discussions always degrade into a black hole of worthless noise.Back to the beginning. ...2011.08.31 15:19:00
- In EVE we have a spectrum of career paths: pirate, miner, builder, trader, etc. Will Dust fighters b ...2011.08.11 19:00:00
- Made me laugh. ...2011.08.10 00:47:00
- Good riddance. ...2011.08.08 14:58:00
- They have electricity in the Shetland islands? ...2011.07.28 15:30:00
- -1I like my POS to look like a white trash backyard. If we do have to change, why do we need to re- ...2011.07.26 16:03:00
- I can't agree, either with simplefying anchoring guns or the dead horse topic. The only thing that ...2011.07.26 15:58:00
- Edit: While I am atheist, I have learned never to just accept something without asking more question ...2011.07.25 14:20:00
- cancelling my sub was a good idea.If you canceled your sub, why are you bothering to still post? ...2011.07.15 20:45:00
- I always hear FIX the game, Fix the game. Sadly all this means to the people is change the game to ...2011.07.15 20:40:00
- Edited by: Trainwreck McGee on 15/07/2011 18:01:09 "The thought of someone only playing to maintain ...2011.07.15 20:29:00
- Why not have an authenticator like most other big MMO's.Try reading next time, they are adding one. ...2011.07.12 14:21:00
- +1 I have just fitted 425mm ACs on a Fleet stabber and this is what i got: (srsly?) http://img196. ...2011.07.11 18:52:00

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