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- Video of a recent live event in Madirmilire solar system. I never check these so feedback isn't nec ...2011.08.04 04:00:00
- Hey CCP! Put a replay cam in your DUST 514 game like they had in Halo 3 and Halo Reach. If you have ...2011.07.24 04:55:00
- LinkageWARNING: I used metal. ...2011.07.21 03:39:00
- Edited by: Xideinis on 20/07/2011 18:45:22 Hi! I'm a vid maker and I was really excited when I re ...2011.07.20 18:08:00
- YAY! You linked my video! I love you guys ^.^ <3 Thanks CCP! ...2011.07.18 17:56:00
- My footage as well. ...2011.07.08 07:04:00
- LinkageThis video shows yet another assault by Sansha's Nation. Their goal was to make an impression ...2011.07.08 06:12:00
- I'd have to die if I couldn't play with amazing graphics. ...2011.07.07 06:22:00
- Edited by: Xideinis on 07/07/2011 02:22:25 Footage of the assault can be seen here. ...2011.07.07 02:22:00
- Linkage This video shows a recent live event that happened in Minmatar space on July 6th, YC 113. P ...2011.07.07 00:25:00
- I'm with anslo on this one. I'm tired of all the whining. And don't kid yourself. It is whining. It' ...2011.06.24 14:33:00
- Hey everyone,I was just thinking it would be really cool if there was a jukebox inside the CQ. I see ...2011.06.21 23:32:00
- I'll try it. Thanks for the heads up! ...2011.05.29 23:25:00
- This one And this one And lastly, this oneView if you want toooo ...2011.05.29 04:33:00
- Oh nothing serious... Sansha's Nation invaded, and they're harder than sleepers when they do that, b ...2011.05.15 14:23:00

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