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- I use 3 accounts, 2 hulks and an Orca when I mine, so can flipping is a thing of the past for meYe ...2009.12.02 10:12:00
- Invite Google into your life.Get spied on. ...2009.12.02 10:02:00
- They don't even monitor for 23/7 account activity, so I doubt they have any interest in monitoring f ...2009.12.01 17:15:00
- On balance, it seems that getting ganked and kicked from his horribly inferior corporation is just a ...2009.12.01 16:59:00
- People are getting hacked because they're getting keyloggers, and because > CCPSecurity is entirely ...2009.12.01 16:29:00
- Am I the only one bookmarking this thread so that I can have the pure joy of linking it when one of ...2009.12.01 16:16:00
- Yeah its amazing how easy it is to spin that the csm got a feature that was wanted for literally yea ...2009.12.01 15:17:00
- This is actually an example of a fix that was requested by the CSM and implemented reasonably quickl ...2009.12.01 15:01:00
- It's clear some people think they are invulnerable and have no clue what it's like to be a victim.Yo ...2009.12.01 13:42:00
- Catching up on some long overdue self indulgence. ...2009.12.01 13:34:00
- Hmmm. The old nutshell.Look... it's a load of tosh. You get a lot of people tell you that they pay ...2009.11.30 17:20:00
- Edited by: Tiny Tove on 30/11/2009 16:36:11 Edited by: Tiny Tove on 30/11/2009 16:35:14 Edited by: ...2009.11.30 16:31:00
- Every person I personally know who was compromised allowed it to happen, either by ignorance, lazine ...2009.11.30 16:13:00
- If a law enforcement agency contacts us we will help them with their inquires."Our logs don't really ...2009.11.30 14:20:00
- To help the slow ones out a little moreEven game creators and THE POLICE think that the perpetrator ...2009.11.30 13:41:00

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