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- The final ticket was sold at 12:34 EVE time on 18 August 113. The winning number was drawn at the e ...2011.08.18 12:58:00
- Bumps in the RoadI remember a time when life was easy. Sometimes I think about moving back home to ...2011.08.17 22:23:00
- Just stoping by to wish you well in your racing endeavors and to supply a bump.Hope everything is go ...2011.08.14 08:07:00
- I fell for it. Maybe I should be ashamed to admit it, but in the end, it's only fake money that I w ...2011.08.12 16:06:00
- Am I the only one who finds it amusing that such protracted statements even need to be made? It see ...2011.08.08 09:37:00
- I look forward to the drawing of the Lottery. However I should point out my name has an 'm' in it.. ...2011.07.27 16:33:00
- Vaari, I had a good chuckle at the proclamation, as I'm not exactly a candidate for membership in th ...2011.07.26 12:48:00
- Edited by: Norrin Ellis on 26/07/2011 22:33:21 ...2011.07.26 11:40:00
- Why must idiots speak when they have nothing to say?Bringing a matter, such as this, to the IGS is a ...2011.07.25 09:27:00
- Mr. Ellis, the current schedule for the drawing is quite some time from now, yet you seem to have so ...2011.07.25 06:40:00
- I'd like to buy a ticket, please. Thanks for participating, Shalee! Good luck! ...2011.07.25 00:47:00
- Participants holding tickets 017 and 021 have exchanged tickets by mutual consent. The list has bee ...2011.07.24 06:01:00
- Participants holding tickets 004 and 013 have traded tickets by mutual consent. The list has been u ...2011.07.23 18:17:00
- Two tickets purchased. Hope the season's going well for you Norrin, haven't really been able to keep ...2011.07.23 09:17:00
- Edited by: Norrin Ellis on 18/08/2011 12:43:26 Tickets purchased:001 - Ulphus 002 - Tiberious Thes ...2011.07.22 22:52:00

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