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- True. I wasn't really watching where post went after having to login twice... ...2010.11.30 21:09:00
- Nice I can rename ships in my corp hanger but can not rename them in my carrier's hanger... would be ...2010.11.30 20:57:00
- But imo most people are best to attack certain things by alphabetical order.I'm screwed then :p ...2010.11.09 21:11:00
- Use google... - first link. ...2010.11.06 21:51:00
- Eve already has multiple servers and adding another won't make much odds given the number per cluste ...2010.08.17 20:46:00
- Main reason for wanting shot of them is the do nothing for a month bar train learning skills problem ...2010.06.29 14:45:00
- The servers are based in London, the main developers in Iceland - both in EU timezone so makes sense ...2010.06.29 14:40:00
- Can we have some post tags; emorage, whine,ohnoes eve dying again, etc. so we can filter all the cru ...2010.06.29 14:04:00
- With all the *****ing this has generated would be suprised if CCP bother to reimburse the player bas ...2010.06.29 11:15:00
- cant trash stuffs in corp hangers since tyrannis ... you cant set the tower to keep allia ...2010.06.29 07:56:00
- The OP probably has a point; we're all slowly dying from the moment we're born so could extend that ...2010.06.28 20:15:00
- Gold, Its NOT the first time they have been behind schedgule.....Can't be 100% certain but have a ve ...2010.06.24 15:11:00
- Its been tried but so far all changes do is discourage blobing for about two minutes until the FC's ...2010.06.17 13:10:00
- Would like to see the entire module state halo changed - green/red active/deactivating no overload. ...2010.06.07 12:24:00
- And apart from that most certificate paths make no sense and the levels are somewhat oddly set for s ...2010.06.04 21:23:00

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