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- Congratulations!Fly with God. ...2009.12.01 12:57:00
- A word to the management: Whip those technicians! But beware: The side effects of Vitoc can be rath ...2009.12.01 12:23:00
- Amarr's enemies are gloating happily when they can prod around in internal Amarrian dispute.This is ...2009.10.27 13:34:00
- Splendid!allow me to introduce you to some friends of mine on Sarum Prime, I know you will be most w ...2008.07.09 20:22:00
- Amen ...2008.05.15 19:10:00
- I'm voting for the best reputation in Eve, his chin must be a dyspro moon. ...2008.05.13 18:06:00
- I'm happy to be here.... pie is a great community ...2008.05.06 19:52:00
- I'm up for it, don't know what can /will do (kinda busy), but i'll send an eve-mail.... in dutch if ...2008.04.17 10:13:00
- My machine is fairly similar to yours.most notable difference: my videocard is a OCZ geforce 8800 GT ...2008.03.20 09:11:00
- Suffering is universal.It is a tragic irony that organisations that claim to "liberate" slaves in fa ...2008.03.19 17:38:00
- big grtz to both, that was truly fantastic ...2008.03.09 21:51:00
- fantastic report :) ...2008.03.09 17:56:00
- Rest in peace Gary.... ...2008.03.06 11:27:00
- judgement is given by the emperor, and the emperor alone.I have no fear of judgement, nor do I fear ...2008.03.03 08:00:00
- when I'm off duty I like to play an ancient game: is even more fun on low gravity planets :) ...2008.03.03 07:48:00

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