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- Or maybe its just too cold in the new DC area for the little hamster's :)Pindle. ...2010.06.25 08:07:00
- Anyone else having issues today?Pindle. ...2010.06.25 08:02:00
- I use word to type everything, then spell and grammar check it. Once happy Copy and paste into here. ...2010.06.23 08:01:00
- Heretic Thief say its not true!!!Watch this space :) Pindle ...2009.09.29 20:53:00
- Beacuse of the very broke True sec there, never have i seen so many officer spawns in one location.G ...2009.06.19 12:52:00
- Mmmm.... i think next time you should try to use a faction fitted BS like a CNR etc to move though A ...2009.06.10 09:21:00
- Ahhh.. yeah 2BS, proper gonna pack up and leave man, we deffo cant sustain that loss :(Recon DAMT Wi ...2009.05.27 13:37:00
- I miss summit? :( ...2009.05.27 12:53:00
- Go Go Goodfellas may your fights be fun :)Pindle ...2009.05.21 18:47:00
- To get a feel on how it was, just scroll to the bottom of any thread like this one, and start readin ...2009.03.27 11:29:00
- Edited by: Rodj Blake on 11/03/2009 14:54:18 Edited by: Rodj Blake on 11/03/2009 14:52:46 Posting ...2009.03.11 15:02:00
- Buying and selling itemsSell item, item dissapers, wallet blinks. no change in balance. buy item, w ...2009.02.20 14:16:00
- This issue for me is this. NPC player attacks a member of my corp, or can flips, or forces combat i ...2008.09.15 09:44:00
- "Come fly with me, come fly, fly away" ...2008.09.06 17:26:00
- Hold fire on that build job then Oneiromancer, will reset it up again after the mirror. RegardsPind ...2008.09.05 07:44:00

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