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- I liked it very much, the vindi escaping in 10% hull was awesome :D Wish TQ pvp was more like that.. ...2011.09.04 11:46:00
- Sweet video. The kind of video one can watch a few times.EW ...2011.09.03 14:50:00
- Mmm... I might have to start playing again. Nice video mate, EW ...2010.03.23 21:51:00
- wtf is the op on about? There is nothing wrong with piracy, i believe the op just sucks at it. You c ...2010.01.06 06:50:00
- I been camping all day, some solo and gang stuff and have not seen any change in sentry dps. Seems a ...2009.12.06 22:44:00
- Also somehow the dragon fleet got in undiscovered? The cyno would have been obvious. log in trap sil ...2009.11.29 22:07:00
- Anyway my point is, training learning skills is annoying, but don't listen to people who tell you to ...2009.11.29 11:44:00
- A)The strategic cruiser are really the incredible ships that should be? Yes, especially when you ca ...2009.09.28 00:50:00
- Thanks for the input guys . I guess I am the only one that OCD about my skill points . Maybe I will ...2009.09.04 11:11:00
- Edited by: Wiaf on 03/09/2009 03:08:51 Thanks for yet another boring sieged fight, 5times the numbe ...2009.09.03 13:59:00
- 4x 220mm II 2x Warp Disruption Genmwd Sensor booster (scan res script) 3x Large shield ext * Thi ...2009.08.25 11:48:00
- wouldn't shield tank be better?To be honest i have not really though about a shield tanking setup si ...2009.08.21 11:51:00
- Edited by: eve warrior on 20/08/2009 05:43:48 Edited by: eve warrior on 19/08/2009 11:52:58 need s ...2009.08.19 11:31:00
- I kind of liking flying expensive ships, they tend to make pvp a little more exciting. The more isk ...2009.08.14 11:55:00
- yes, such planets in eve would be fantastic. we have to give them a chance tho infinity has no game. ...2009.04.12 12:42:00

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