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- meh ...2008.08.22 14:04:00
- !Okay, didn't see that one coming.But thanks anyways. ...2008.03.20 17:32:00
- To Sephra Star: A question, I have been wondering about, how exactly does the information you have a ...2008.03.20 12:47:00
- NeoNeTiCYeah but then you are just a perv ;P ...2008.03.19 15:45:00
- Agree ...2007.12.25 07:22:00
- While working flawlessly before now have installed the latest whql nvidia drivers 169.25 and whateve ...2007.12.22 17:18:00
- This nvidia 8800GTS Linkage outperforms the 8800GT again. ...2007.12.17 19:43:00
- 50 fps is fine with me, and I just love the looks of eve with 8x aa 16x af and hdr forced through nh ...2007.12.12 08:09:00
- BTW... No matter what compatibility hack i use from nHancer (only 2 of them works for me, oblivion a ...2007.12.11 10:16:00
- Modified my (working) FSAA profile to include the HDR hack - no luck. Whatever EVE is using is not p ...2007.12.09 03:27:00
- Its strange though a mate of mine didn't have this problem, and I have no idea how this problem can ...2007.12.06 19:21:00
- Yes please, I dislike having to force aa through the nvidia control panel, advanced gfx settings sho ...2007.12.06 12:05:00
- Ship icons keep on reloading and are not saved in cache, fleet tempest still not finished and has wh ...2007.12.06 04:09:00
- Is it just me or keep the ship icons reloading themselves continuously ? ...2007.12.04 16:06:00
- I am gonna do a complete fresh install myself, putting all the settings back is only a minor inconve ...2007.12.04 15:52:00

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