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- Anyone willing to take a bet on the only thing we get this winter is a hybrid buff?No, because CCP h ...2011.09.03 11:19:00
- Sorry, not going to happen. CCP has already stated that the keyboard + mouse will work only for co ...2011.08.27 09:31:00
- OP you are one sick individual!I suggest you seek medical help. ...2011.08.25 13:03:00
- cockpit cameraYeah because that really fits into the lore and all with you being a capsuleer....... ...2011.08.24 19:56:00
- Edited by: Captain Megadeath on 10/08/2011 09:48:59 We need to send in Borris, in riot gear, armed ...2011.08.10 09:47:00
- Edited by: Tom Gerard on 08/08/2011 21:17:58 Edited by: Tom Gerard on 08/08/2011 21:05:04First off ...2011.08.08 21:48:00
- Edited by: Captain Megadeath on 03/08/2011 20:59:25 Edited by: Habaticus on 03/08/2011 20:48:24Oops ...2011.08.03 20:58:00
- SupportedOne is not a happy teddybear. ...2011.07.30 11:18:00
- This is the third time that you have posted a "I botted and I'm sorry" thread in the past few months ...2011.07.28 14:02:00
- Fans, HOW DO THEY WERK?!?You guys n your dodgy oem pooputers. Hardcaw gamers know it's all bout airf ...2011.07.16 16:28:00
- The Threadnaught was LOCKEDYour actions towards your family at meal times says a lot about you ..... ...2011.07.16 16:00:00
- the real problem is you f*cktards thinking you can run the game on max setting with inferior hardwar ...2011.07.16 15:50:00
- Well time to add northern ireland to the list of failing european economies, I wonder when the rest ...2011.07.12 16:03:00
- Hey guys, it's all CCP's fault that the OP didn't upgrade their hardware.Yeah, because it isn't like ...2011.07.12 15:58:00
- u mad?He mad....... ...2011.07.08 20:50:00

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