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- Actually, Lork, the firewall in XP doesn't block outbound connections. That was only introduced wit ...2009.06.29 18:35:00
- Edited by: The Gauge on 01/07/2009 11:26:52 Right, well I've found the culprit and it actually look ...2009.06.29 15:01:00
- I've tried that and nothing whatsoever lets logged. The workspace only starts filling up with infor ...2009.06.22 10:40:00
- Hi there, apologies for length but I'm going to try to be quite specific.In the last few days both o ...2009.06.19 16:11:00
- I think I've had this problem before. I was only getting one resolution to choose from and it turne ...2009.05.16 22:45:00
- I'd say it depends entirely on how much damage you're taking. If you're taking less damage than you ...2008.04.15 11:59:00
- bahh... try here LinkageThat's more like it. Thanks Ryas. ...2006.11.29 21:01:00
- That's most useful. Thanks. ...2006.11.29 20:53:00
- And let's face it.. this is supposed to be a game. You start treating space like real space and the ...2006.06.27 22:03:00
- Edited by: The Gauge on 27/06/2006 21:55:56 This is more about the orientation of the camera and th ...2006.06.27 21:55:00
- And remember, it's not just that you need certain L5 skills to fly T2 ships... those L5 skills can a ...2006.06.27 21:38:00
- Solution: Nobody in an NPC corp / trial account should be allowed to transfer more than 100,000 isk ...2006.05.19 15:54:00
- Edited by: The Gauge on 19/05/2006 15:10:01 I think the 'optional' use of VOIP for an extra fee is ...2006.05.19 15:07:00
- Can you imagine fleet battles with more than a couple of Ravens? There'd be a continuous volley of ...2006.04.28 10:51:00
- I simply haven't had the time to read this entire thread, but here's how I see it:It seems very diff ...2006.01.20 21:44:00

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