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- Ok CCP I've just heard on the news that Britain is sharing the same weather as Iceland currently.WIL ...2007.07.04 06:28:00
- Sod it get rid of all the ships except shuttles ... bring in collision damage.Dodgems anyone ...2007.07.01 05:15:00
- Hmmm concord turning to piracy ?Maybe they've had enough of people whining ...2007.07.01 05:10:00
- Sorry don't have any answers but I shall be following this thread with interest as I have the same q ...2007.07.01 04:56:00
- Well, right now I can't use T2 launchers....and arbys are sooo expensive, I'm not extremely rich rig ...2007.07.01 02:19:00
- Just pray it never goes wrong <hahaha> as there support is ummmm well lets just say CCP's is 100,000 ...2007.07.01 01:45:00
- I posted earlier on how I loved to run missions and only missions. I recieved alot of nice feedback, ...2007.07.01 00:19:00
- I don't very often say this but....Nice Idea. ...2007.07.01 00:14:00
- It's not fair to say they don't care, they just don't seem to be capable of solving the problem.Ever ...2007.07.01 00:11:00
- Edited by: Antari Shiy on 30/06/2007 23:34:51 Hell I'll do it for a TITAN Oh and the OK to DD any M ...2007.06.30 23:35:00
- Best thing to do is read the patch notes .... it's long and laborious but everything you need is in ...2007.06.30 23:15:00
- A Rear spoiler on the Drake ? ...2007.06.30 22:56:00
- I see no problem with this providing the time is set to around the hour mark or so. ...2007.06.30 06:28:00
- I still say they should suspend the issue of new trial accounts until the servers are more stable, l ...2007.06.30 03:03:00
- Have we been drinking tonight ?IBTL ...2007.06.30 02:46:00

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