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- Confirming that I've bought two (2) tickets for twenty million (20,000,000) ISK. Thanks for hosting ...2010.05.30 13:05:00
- Dont want to go into OMHELLDEATH (lol? most low sec systems are practically empty, common sense and ...2010.05.28 13:17:00
- Edited by: Daivey Crokite on 27/05/2010 20:51:42LOL improvement to lag and fleet battles, ya okay.Th ...2010.05.28 00:56:00
- You can still play, You just have to go through that big scary gate to lowsec. Where, *gasp* not... ...2010.05.28 00:48:00
- Blackberry here. ^o^ ...2010.05.28 00:37:00
- I've been on both sides of this issue. Yes it does suck to have your **** stolen from a mission, but ...2010.05.28 00:29:00
- A big part of the "nerf" to mission loot was changing what was gotten when reprocessing the drops fr ...2010.05.27 22:29:00
- Well, all the feed back in local is not at all positive about this. There are those players who don' ...2010.05.27 20:53:00
- Unfortunately, the Chimera's a carrier and capital ship. Capital ships cannot even exist in high-sec ...2010.05.27 15:19:00
- CCP is testing it's new filter to only let people that have seen a vagina in the past 3 years access ...2010.05.07 19:03:00

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