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- Update perhaps? I may have missed some on the mailing list since I just joined, but noticed this thr ...2011.07.24 17:08:00
- It really depends. There are alts that I actively DONT want to have margin trading just so that ther ...2011.07.20 16:04:00
- There are people that update often, and there are bots. It is not the job of the individual trader t ...2011.07.20 01:43:00
- As Akita saidd its all about confidence. You can put an order up to sell 1k whatevers and if people ...2011.07.20 01:35:00
- I think the point is the OPs lack of a clue.No, U.I have updated the op with a link to the text of t ...2011.07.19 19:44:00
- Edited by: Tutskii on 19/07/2011 02:47:32 What are we talking about? ...2011.07.19 02:47:00
- Hey is there such a things as a trading bot, I have market orders up in jita, and every time I alter ...2011.07.19 02:31:00
- Edited by: Tutskii on 19/07/2011 00:28:56 This has nothing to do with this board Tuts.not like anyo ...2011.07.19 00:28:00
- Heres how I would run it.You would have to have in game insurance also.Basic Tech 1 ship insurance. ...2011.07.19 00:18:00
- Edited by: Tutskii on 19/07/2011 19:46:02 Dear MD:I bring this to your attention as it is probably ...2011.07.19 00:14:00
- Its just a stage, I assure you. ...2011.07.16 00:41:00
- Edited by: Tutskii on 16/07/2011 00:38:08 I see trolls! Everywhere!Maya: Petition it. Mistakes like ...2011.07.16 00:37:00
- Edited by: Tutskii on 14/07/2011 06:39:03If you wish to persuade us that this is indeed the way it w ...2011.07.14 04:31:00
- Mara: I agree. I am just hoping that CCP will find their love of this game.Personally, I don't have ...2011.07.14 03:49:00
- Edited by: Tutskii on 14/07/2011 01:35:55 My scenario is backed by history and fact! Yours is backe ...2011.07.14 01:28:00

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