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- Is there any symbolic imagery of the cross used though?Not sure I'd list it as symbolic, but the C ...2010.01.21 05:43:00
- In regards to the Kamerias, I would suggest that they seem most similar to the Janissaries and perha ...2010.01.16 00:19:00
- The changes to Amarr Navy also sucks. Stupid Minnie ass kissing everywhere I see and increasing ever ...2010.01.15 05:21:00
- Meta 1 is Tech I, for which you can buy a BPO. Meta 2-4 are considered "named" items, and Meta 5 is ...2010.01.10 01:21:00
- I believe I might like one, depending upon the answering of some of the questions raised here regard ...2010.01.09 18:30:00
- About 99% completely forgotten, maybe 1% (or less) legend. It's known that we came from somewhere e ...2010.01.07 21:57:00
- However, having recently read the Empyrean Age novel, I find myself unable to reconcile my original ...2010.01.07 17:09:00
- Forgive me, I should have said 'derived from' rather than suggesting that anyone in New Eden speaks ...2010.01.06 20:57:00
- Congratulations to the winner and to ForgeTech. I wish I had managed to win some of the shares, but ...2010.01.05 14:51:00
- Edited by: Garion Avarr on 05/01/2010 13:58:21We have seen Greek characters on the old graphics Best ...2010.01.05 13:49:00
- Edited by: Garion Avarr on 05/01/2010 14:58:57 I was under the impression that King Khanid was True ...2010.01.05 13:36:00
- 50 shares are 3.3M each, total 165M ISK. ...2010.01.05 12:00:00
- With about 20 minutes to go, I bit 75 shares at 2.65M each, for a total of 198.75M ISK. ...2010.01.05 11:41:00
- 75 shares for 2.3M each, for a total of 172.5M ISK. ...2010.01.05 05:47:00
- Edited by: Garion Avarr on 04/01/2010 00:34:58 But what about the CONCORD patrols in highsec? Let's ...2010.01.04 00:33:00

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