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- Such a shame. Flex is really taking off... ...2009.06.26 10:46:00
- So no one out there is using actionscript / Flex / Air for an EVE app?Im not having much success wit ...2009.06.25 08:18:00
- Could someone point me to some very basic flex app examples using EVE API?I cant seem to get any inf ...2009.06.24 13:45:00
- I personally think an account should only have access to 1 character. The exploits far outweigh the ...2009.06.24 08:48:00
- Edited by: Vistrix Ferocia on 28/01/2009 15:20:24 Im amazed its taking this long for developers to ...2009.01.28 15:16:00
- I didnt have a problem installing the patch, but now it says "Server Status Unknown", and it was fin ...2009.01.27 14:35:00
- Time cards have always been cheaper than the CC option if you're converting to . ...2009.01.26 10:50:00
- ip same port different would be mine guess ;)Ah ok, thats it. Was just checking incase I was using t ...2009.01.07 11:27:00
- Will probably add another slot tonight...Just a question about the address of the server. Is this th ...2009.01.07 10:56:00
- Thanks.Server is great, nice and fast. ...2009.01.06 09:59:00
- I barely notice them anymore. Its improved massively. ...2009.01.06 09:57:00
- Hi,Im interested in 2 slots for now, might need more for the future. Eve mail sent with payment.Than ...2009.01.02 22:02:00
- You can only fit 1 mining laser to any Iteron, including the mk 3.Mining in any Iteron is EXTREMELY ...2008.12.04 20:43:00
- If its a serious issue then you would ring your bank and talk about it.Otherwise just file a petitio ...2008.12.02 15:03:00
- Link? ...2008.12.01 14:58:00

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