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- Ankhe, you have my voteCom ...2008.05.17 15:16:00
- was changed in a recent patchcom ...2007.08.09 18:19:00
- Edited by: Comnena on 06/08/2007 18:30:24 highs: 6*heavy missile lancher II mids: Large shield boo ...2007.08.06 18:26:00
- Navy Raven because of the Dps and because i cant fly a nighthawk OMG he's back ...2007.07.20 21:31:00
- Are these in game (Gistum med shield boosters) ?Com ...2006.05.13 12:03:00
- previous suggested setup is good, but no way you can run all that indefinatly. swap the med booster ...2006.05.10 10:15:00
- indeed i have an AB2 in mids. I didn't try the range bonus on rails tbh, i just warp in at 15km and ...2006.05.09 15:08:00
- Edited by: Comnena on 09/05/2006 14:46:00 It is a wonderful ship for lvl 4's. I use a blaster set ...2006.05.09 14:46:00
- tried that already, doesn't helpit is okay as long as one of my chars is in station. on leaving stat ...2006.04.20 12:42:00
- PVE setup:4 med neut t2, 2 arby heaviyt launchers 1 med t2 shield booster, two rat spc hardners, ab ...2006.04.20 08:57:00
- I have problems running two eve clients. I got myself a 2nd account two months ago with the power o ...2006.04.19 12:52:00
- Edited by: Comnena on 24/01/2006 15:45:15 ooops stupid alt postand a laser megatron... mmm might ha ...2006.01.24 15:39:00
- Edited by: Comnena on 24/01/2006 15:35:55 Any opinions on the blaster Eagle ?Since this ship got a ...2006.01.24 15:30:00
- Mine moved back to their original positions. Guess this must be a bug.Com ...2006.01.10 13:55:00
- in your description of angel extravangaza you write that you got 16.000 m3 Omber from it ?Did that d ...2005.12.05 15:52:00

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