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- WoW isn't a time sink? I can't put enough O's in LOOOOOL. ...2010.05.23 21:31:00
- Edited by: Trathen on 23/05/2010 21:32:02In real space you wouldn't see laz0rz unless they are point ...2010.05.23 21:18:00
- Welcome to speculation about where EVE is headed, where every step is down a slippery slope. Oh, CCP ...2010.05.13 11:08:00
- Incarna could turn out to be a way for corperations or players to avoid space combat by just loggin ...2010.05.10 07:09:00
- Edited by: Trathen on 07/05/2010 09:47:03 I clicked on this thread hoping for a story about a succe ...2010.05.07 09:45:00
- There are a number of reasons why this is unlikely to happen. The simplest is that going up against ...2010.05.01 22:08:00
- You are the first person I've ever heard call himself an "Arts" major and refer to poli sci. Usually ...2010.05.01 00:36:00
- From a stand-out section of the feature page:"Tyrannis harnesses the visual cue capability of AlienF ...2010.04.30 22:09:00
- She is just ****ed off because she knows you could have switched to a long skill last night. ...2010.04.30 11:22:00
- This might be the best expansion ever. I've never seen so few whine threads so close to release. The ...2010.04.30 11:18:00
- The comments on that story made me nauseous. Since her problem is that she trusts people, I think th ...2010.04.29 10:58:00
- 1 round of Titanium Sabot S = 8-20 ISK 1 round for a modern tank = $800-$20001 ISK = $100. That is ...2010.04.29 10:06:00
- Edited by: Trathen on 29/04/2010 07:43:55 Killboards are fantastic for record keeping. The point sy ...2010.04.29 07:43:00
- I... fail to see the problem.Not to mention nothing in SiSi is set in stone, so I might as well crea ...2010.04.29 07:22:00
- Just pick a last name. A certain other RPG that can't be mentioned but costs money to buy but is fre ...2010.04.25 21:57:00

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