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- I have to say these quarterly reports rock and I love the presentation videos from fanfest (too expe ...2011.04.04 22:50:00
- bump ...2010.10.29 09:46:00
- You were spying on another alliance and had POS passwords? you are totally unique and very cool ...2010.10.18 23:41:00
- Bump ...2010.10.13 18:00:00
- I too would be curious for the response time of petitions of different categories. For some petition ...2010.09.16 11:39:00
- I think the trade idea wouldn't work because lets be honest what 0.0 entity isn't totally self suffi ...2010.09.09 18:59:00
- ...2010.09.06 07:04:00
- wait so when this goes down your telling me i dont just get to play lag.... i get to watch it live!? ...2010.08.25 13:28:00
- Approved ...2010.08.10 20:08:00
- I know this thread is old and doubt yall (GM's) still read it but, why not create a one time survey ...2010.08.06 18:44:00
- not enough... the real question is how much more bitter can he get? ...2010.07.25 00:12:00
- Edited by: Ivan Zhuk on 27/05/2010 02:30:48 As one who I have seen with a noble character, a time h ...2010.05.27 02:29:00
- OMG a cap pilot for all our ops!!!we are desperately tryin to boost numbers and become a mega corp a ...2010.05.27 02:17:00
- Terrible terrible propaganda but im a ***** for fading words and epic-ish music.... i enjoyed the 2 ...2010.05.13 12:37:00
- Now here's a little story I've got to tell About three bad brothers you know so well It started wa ...2010.05.04 13:04:00

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