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- Do you have any isk? Because The Unknown Bar and Pub will kill this guy for a fee. ...2011.07.21 00:06:00
- Edited by: Prissa on 18/07/2011 22:47:54 Yes, the little goonie sycophant horde started dancing lik ...2011.07.18 22:47:00
- is there a tl;dr version?as it was like tl and I drShe said PL are roleplayers.Roleplayers ...2011.07.18 22:25:00
- IT et al have been doing his for years, and in fact it is the only way they have been able to win an ...2010.06.01 19:50:00
- Well, unlike Elysium, they don't just post on a forum, that makes them different."Just"? ...2010.05.31 17:21:00
- CAOD has a game attached? ...2010.05.31 17:12:00
- Edited by: Prissa on 23/05/2010 01:17:06 If the corp lives in 0.0 then it needs members who will ta ...2010.05.23 01:16:00
- Man, killboard stats(what is this ****? stop posting) ...2010.05.19 12:19:00
- Oh Bobby. :)History never fails to repeat itself with you.and yet you never seem to learn ...2010.05.19 00:35:00
- It's true that wars are won or lost on CAOD and the SC urgently needs better propaganda, so only que ...2010.05.19 00:29:00
- How can we fight back when you undock your mining barges?"One hand on their junk and the other pound ...2010.05.18 15:56:00
- I don't think you get goons.Another bad post ...2010.05.16 15:27:00
- Wow, so much trolling. Can we be serious for a second, because I have a serious question.Who the hel ...2010.05.15 23:12:00
- You're probably better off in Delve actually. Blood raiders melt easily, and officers pop up all the ...2010.05.15 18:22:00
- Oh, right, this is in CAOD, which means no one will get it.To summarize:IT are cavemen.PL Are pretty ...2010.05.15 17:55:00

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