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- Ah. I only ask sense you seem to be more up to date on it than I. No worries. ...2007.11.20 08:17:00
- It looks like Morrowind. Not kind of like morrowind, but like they ripped out the entire graphics en ...2007.11.20 05:47:00
- 8800GT 512MB. They're hard to find, and a bit more expensive (IIRC off the top of my head) than the ...2007.11.20 05:37:00
- I strongly recommend Ubuntu. While I personally don't actively use it, I have played around with it. ...2007.11.20 05:34:00
- You'd have had a lot better performance getting a single 8800GT 512mb than going 2x 8500GT... SLI is ...2007.11.17 22:58:00
- Aye. "odd" ram configurations like that are a bit tricky to get into DC. Of course, real world perfo ...2007.11.17 22:56:00
- Dark Passion Play was amazing. Nightwish has definitely proven that they can survive without Tarja ( ...2007.11.17 22:53:00
- Agree 100% on the 8800GT 512MB. Those cards are sick and wrong. They are, by far, the fastest cards ...2007.11.17 22:50:00
- Paradox is a powerful deterrent, but when you consider the list of wtfpwnt options a mage has at his ...2007.11.17 11:01:00
- WoD Mage is just stupid. Maybe the new books fixed it, but seriously, they are a powergamers wet dre ...2007.11.17 10:42:00
- Make the sig you want, then optimize it in imageready. Its def. the best program to use alongside ph ...2007.11.17 10:07:00
- I only have access to the 360 version here on campus. IDK if there are significant differences betwe ...2007.11.17 10:00:00
- Juno Reactor. ...2007.11.17 09:52:00
- I will admit, I've only played the demo. It didn't seem worth buying to me. Aliens are to crysis as ...2007.11.17 09:50:00
- I was thinking of getting something like: Intel® Core™2 Duo E6750 (2 X 2.66GHz) 1333MHz FSB/4MB ...2007.11.17 09:43:00

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