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- Wow a limited edition shuttle with more cargo space. Sounds like a prime target for suicide ganking ...2009.02.06 10:44:00
- A name is just that, a name. If U'K lost its name we would not be stopped, or even delayed in our ca ...2009.02.06 10:41:00
- Edited by: Major Death on 31/12/2008 11:29:18 This declaration of faux freedom is like flicking a d ...2008.12.31 11:27:00
- We do not expect that this is something that will be easy or accomplished overnight or even in the n ...2008.12.31 11:14:00
- Who could have foreseen a stoned druggie becoming empress? A 'new horizon' rushes out of the Drop bo ...2008.12.30 23:08:00
- Another ham fisted operation. CVA and their pets chasing ghosts, with nothing achieved in the end. E ...2008.12.30 22:39:00
- Give ECCM and additional effect to make it usefull outside of just countering ECM. ...2008.10.31 10:36:00
- Yes. ...2008.10.31 10:34:00
- The Icelandic Primeminster just handed the country over to CCP and called for 'Internet Space ships' ...2008.10.10 22:19:00
- I too am part of a Holy Movement that brings Slavers closer to God. ...2008.08.02 23:20:00
- Edited by: Major Death on 02/08/2008 23:18:03 It should be noted that the Amarr choose to place Mil ...2008.08.02 23:13:00
- Besides, Amarrian history has repeatedly shown that, while one cannot argue with the word of God, on ...2008.08.02 22:57:00
- Edited by: Major Death on 01/08/2008 08:51:45 "Dismissive" is the wrong term. I think they're dange ...2008.08.01 08:43:00
- "Lack of interest"? On the contrary, I am extremely interested. Where did you get the impression tha ...2008.07.31 21:58:00
- You can take the person out of the state, but not the state out of the person. ...2008.07.31 21:55:00

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