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- Edited by: Lomong on 16/02/2009 02:00:32 When presented with a 1 meter length of I-beam:Gallente: " ...2009.02.16 01:46:00
- *runs off to rob the bank to buy a new gfx card*Thanks alot! I was worried those Arbi and Sisters pi ...2007.11.27 20:24:00
- Edited by: Lomong on 27/11/2007 20:02:29 Some pics I tookSacrilege Curse Astarte Mammoth MorosE ...2007.11.27 20:01:00
- The Eos has been brought in line with the other Fleet Command ships. It has, for a long time, been i ...2007.10.24 08:24:00
- Edited by: Lomong on 26/05/2007 17:47:56 Change of plans, sorry ...2007.05.26 17:29:00
- You have failed to honour your debts towards us, yet you honour your debts to ISS, which hurts you e ...2007.02.06 00:14:00
- I hereby make public the fact that Fate Weavers has severed any political ties with Ushra'Khan.We wi ...2007.02.05 23:46:00
- Erm, well, Mek can be very persuasive when he wants something... that's probably why I'm always out ...2007.01.23 15:03:00
- Woooah, I'm off comms for a few days, and little Eva goes and gets hitched?!? Well, good luck I gues ...2007.01.22 12:56:00
- symphathy 4the devlthats a laibach song name.Correction: That's the name of a Rolling Stones song th ...2006.09.24 13:02:00
- Correction:CVA will kill you if you are a terrorist Minnie or an ebil pirate .UK will kill you if ...2006.09.14 19:28:00
- Freya! There will be no pod products at the party! We do want Else to remain sane and healthy after ...2006.07.29 21:06:00
- I suggest we all head to Luminaire for some club hopping also. I know some really good ones there, i ...2006.07.27 21:17:00
- My congratulations go out to both of you.There's just one little detail to sort out before the weddi ...2006.07.27 14:57:00
- Extremely nice video.And yay, we're featured. ...2006.07.24 21:54:00

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