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- asking price 1 billion 13 hours left.Station IX it's on the market there. ...2011.07.01 00:41:00
- Phoenix Dreadnought for sale in J-LPX7 just for an billion half billion below standard it's on the m ...2011.06.30 15:53:00
- If this is being ignored, and changes not made it will be almost sure this will cost ccp an lot of c ...2009.11.20 19:29:00
- Somehow i miss Sandokans discussions on ts in our beloved Xetic meetings, obviously they where way t ...2009.11.02 12:32:00
- When my nooby corp was wardecced garmon/el'tar came to help us , but killing our enemies wasn't the ...2009.10.30 22:33:00
- garmon ...2009.10.26 23:27:00
- i know how expensive hd streams to potentially 10k people is , so thanks ccp to do the to ...2009.09.05 17:13:00
- Forever greatfull when you helped my corp in my noobdays, and for the trips to 0.0, i only now see h ...2009.08.19 19:32:00
- Wanna learn pvp? you be surprised how many pirate corps would take you on an trip doing some ganking ...2009.07.01 18:30:00
- So now a rogue director is spy assets, eh?He became one as soon as he made his intentions to join us ...2009.06.17 01:51:00
- better not lock me cartiff, or you force me to post that movie off you mining back in 2003 with me ; ...2009.06.07 22:08:00
- It's still possible now, just create an corp make it well organised to survive in 0.0 Join an power ...2009.05.28 12:20:00
- I was in xetic later ascn, we where napped with bob with ascn, then they turned on us and removed as ...2009.05.17 21:04:00
- old bob killed ascn their partners in one big backstab while flaming on coad and using any meta gami ...2009.04.06 18:30:00
- Autopatch failed. Manual patch doesn't work since autopatch modified files. I'm a bit disheartened ...2009.03.28 23:20:00

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