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- Yeah, fully fitted, with an A-type booster, they pounced on that one fast ! ...2010.10.29 18:55:00
- Sleip promo, very nice! ...2010.10.29 18:50:00
- I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new Muninn for 69 ISK. Did you win it with ticket #69 ??? ...2010.10.29 18:37:00
- in here. ...2010.10.29 04:10:00
- Somer took all my ISK...and I keep giving her more and more and more :( Too addictive!You are lucky ...2010.10.27 03:31:00
- Edited by: Razor Tuna on 23/10/2010 23:11:12 Your signature says mothermmom which is redundant.actu ...2010.10.23 23:19:00
- I, for one, welcome our new Veldspar Overlord.LOL, same here. I'll have to fly down and check the p ...2010.10.23 19:35:00
- The undrawn cursor happens to me a lot. In that case I can usually get it back in a few seconds by ...2010.10.23 18:59:00
- PvPers will, it will become a hot target very quickly So, instead of another Hulkageddon, maybe we ...2010.10.23 18:50:00
- Rule one: If you are not willing to scout your route ahead of time in a fast ship, making multiple ...2010.10.23 18:46:00
- Was drunk and on a roam one time. Jumped into a system when I was told to hold on the gate and I fou ...2010.10.23 18:41:00
- Welcome back to EVE. Enjoy your elitist hassle perpetuated by imbeciles who fancy themselves the Cig ...2010.10.23 18:21:00
- Sounds like an awful lot of work. ...2010.10.22 06:24:00
- That something like RVB can be created is a testament to the sandbox design of the game. That we pla ...2010.10.22 04:20:00
- Size dosen't matter. ...2010.10.22 03:22:00

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