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- My vacation was delayed due to a personal mission of mine. Thank you for the suggestions. I did some ...2011.06.20 21:33:00
- So it would seem that even though you resisted, after my great purge I seem to have gotten the point ...2011.06.20 21:26:00
- Why do they call it football, if it's played with ones hands? Why do you drive on a parkway and par ...2011.06.13 20:01:00
- And will pirate factions get their own CQs eventually, or will they just use the base empire faction ...2011.06.13 19:58:00
- It is very disappointing to be issued slave quarters without any slaves in it Sorry about that, Ive ...2011.06.13 18:23:00
- Adding a High, Med and Low pitched hum to modules actively overheating would be extremely helpful.Gr ...2011.06.07 04:30:00
- I built 2 archons a couple years ago, sold the spare about a year ago, flew the other in pvp, a few ...2011.06.03 00:37:00
- Edited by: ImCoolerThanYou on 28/05/2011 17:52:20 But yes, there are indeed us fellow Minmatarians ...2011.05.28 17:49:00
- I truly hate to disappoint you. Ms Cool. But i fly with Syn and Drisele And they freaking clean fre ...2011.05.28 07:47:00
- Most Holders I've met are much more moderate and kinder towards their slaves (they actually understa ...2011.05.24 03:31:00
- You're simply trying to mirror my own statement, but it is a false reflection because I have said no ...2011.05.24 01:43:00
- You are the pig here. Loyalists such as yourself disgrace the Nation. Your insubordinate tongue has ...2011.05.23 22:21:00
- Maddox: what insults?Velna: Dream big child, it all starts with a dream.Rek: This warning has been i ...2011.05.23 21:48:00
- Is it me, or are Nation loyalists more annoying than they used to be?Look im not gonna try turning y ...2011.05.23 17:33:00
- To the OP, until such time as you've sampled 100% of the Matari population regarding living conditio ...2011.05.23 03:37:00

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