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- I agree maybe 1.5 billion was a little mean and there is probably 800m in skills, but I disagree tha ...2011.08.13 17:02:00
- My advice would be to train JDC and capital armor repair to at least level 1, it means that if in th ...2011.08.13 10:30:00
- I will start you at a more realistic price of 1.5 billion. ...2011.08.12 16:02:00
- Do you decent faction standings? ...2011.02.28 22:31:00
- I would guess around 25 billion, I agree that some of the T2 cruiser skills could have done with bei ...2010.10.21 18:36:00
- Tranquility runs a mix of Stackless Python and C++. Low-level networking, DB access and physics sim ...2009.12.13 17:11:00
- Anyone know if the Tranquillity cluster runs purely (Stackless) Python? I writing my final year deg ...2009.12.13 16:35:00
- Agreed sale for 13 billion. ...2009.09.05 23:28:00
- Feeback: On In-Eve you are not showing the actual skills you have, therefore making it very hard to ...2009.03.09 12:06:00
- Do you have corporate roles? If I contact you ingame to discuss a price how quick could the transac ...2009.03.09 12:02:00
- In game buy-out has been made. ...2008.09.19 18:50:00
- Contact me in-game after 6pm Eve time if you still have the char for sale - I am interested.If not a ...2008.09.19 13:27:00
- Can you contact me in game regarding the Assault Missile Launcher BPO please. ...2008.09.17 14:09:00
- I have made a buyout offer on the character for 5 billion. This was made in game, but posted here f ...2008.09.16 23:06:00
- If you decide to sell then let me know what you are asking and we can talk. ...2008.09.13 15:17:00

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