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- Kronos and Hyperion suck balls too, although that's mostly due to hybrids sucking. ...2009.12.08 12:36:00
- Kill enemy faction? DECLINE Go to lowsec? DECLINE More than 3 jumps? DECLINEThe guys that came up ...2009.12.08 01:44:00
- Got more votes for you! ...2009.11.19 12:32:00
- CCP your CSM concept is fail if you're not backing it from your side! Assign someone to clear this u ...2009.10.30 11:33:00
- Edited by: Hotep Shakkara on 01/09/2009 12:27:59 Thanks for your business. ...2009.09.01 12:26:00
- How does CCP want to receive a portfolio when the HR department doesn't respond and the upload is li ...2009.07.31 20:56:00
- truncated content ...2009.07.28 14:26:00
- If we believe it would be better to have you in Iceland (or Shanghai), we may route you through thos ...2009.07.23 04:15:00
- The only thing I wonder is, if you've sent in an open application a while ago, and new positions ope ...2009.07.20 18:47:00
- Bull**** patch!Serious exploits untended for months, but no, missing turrets really are the ****! ...2009.06.26 22:40:00
- Big facepalm, you want to bypass the rules just because you like a proposal? No wait, you want to br ...2009.06.21 10:07:00
- Too much unfinished crap in FW now. ...2009.05.29 18:00:00
- Probably quit EVE as I want to play to relax, and I just want some slow but easy ISK from L3s. ...2009.05.21 18:34:00
- Almost every communication between the CSM's is a cat fight. Thanks for proving the OP right, guy ...2008.06.12 08:59:00
- This movie kicks ass. Good to see that you have a short name too. Eva for CSM! And I like the Gallen ...2008.05.01 11:37:00

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