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- how about changes that will effect the worthless pocket miners? i hate those bots with a vengeance!! ...2011.07.19 22:36:00
- Victim: nakinto Corp: new SIN corp. Alliance: Doomsday Testing Faction: Unknown Destroyed: Wyver ...2011.07.17 00:56:00
- Report: Starbase in 6-CZ49 is under attack From: DED Sent: 2011.06.13 22:14 Solar System: 6-CZ ...2011.06.13 22:38:00
- Machine Info * OS version: * CPU: 3.2 GHZ intel core 2 quad * GPU: BFG GTX 295 * RAM: ...2011.06.07 20:58:00
- Meisterdada is engaging ppl outside 6-cz if needed I have screen-shots as well 2011.05.18 18:03:0 ...2011.05.18 18:08:00
- since the server was just remirrored go ahead and delete this topic. the bug report I hope brings so ...2011.05.14 22:15:00
- some one has multiple bubbles in pf-346 blocking the warp path to the stargates PLZ remove these :)T ...2011.05.14 18:44:00
- Thank you Habakuk for the reply, I was currently self destructing dont know if that had anything to ...2011.05.13 00:22:00
- hey CJ I hear you say "Hesp, too bad everything I do is within rules so I will not be getting a ban ...2011.05.12 18:41:00
- wait what? u know might want to set the station as default clone location and all the FFA sites are ...2011.05.12 18:24:00
- a petition on sisi... doesnt work, srry, and already filled out a bug report... ...2011.05.11 21:26:00
- not according to this and my clone WAS up to date so STFO and GTFO if ur not going to be helpfulhttp ...2011.05.11 20:30:00
- Edited by: nakinto on 11/05/2011 19:30:24Nakinto lost his pod note that 1,023,000 SP were lost from ...2011.05.11 19:21:00
- some of you dont seem to get it. CCP would MUCH prefer to catch 5000 people cheating all at once an ...2011.04.28 19:32:00
- LoLs were had, now my gut hurts :)on a side note this sounds like "oh lets buff 00 bot income" and y ...2011.04.28 16:56:00

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