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- is this a troll or serious? lol!dockdockdockdockdockdockdockdockdockdockdockdock - WARP DRIVE ACTIV ...2011.06.20 19:36:00
- Just bought a Nyx from Wirox and did not use a 3rd party. He is trustworthy and the deal went smooth ...2011.04.24 12:23:00
- B/O 17bill if you can transfer today Hey 1W3GHXQZ o/I accept your b/o of 17B. Please transfer 17B t ...2011.04.22 16:42:00
- 24bill for everything if you are online to do the deal todayPlease contact me ingame ...2011.04.22 15:44:00
- 17bill B/OPlease contact me ingame asap :) ...2011.04.22 14:40:00
- Hey.20.5bill isk buy out as decided in-game. I will send you the isk now and you will transfer Raj ...2011.04.21 21:19:00
- B/O 17bill if you can transfer today ...2011.04.21 20:11:00
- A great corp with some of the coolest guys in eve :) ...2010.06.29 11:00:00
- Edited by: 1W3GHXQZ on 28/12/2009 14:37:05 A great corp that deserves alot of attention :) If you ...2009.12.28 14:36:00
- Cool, i liked this one :) And impressive if this is ur first vid. ...2009.03.21 11:41:00
- hehe, was alot of fun. and that MM guy in a mothership that killed you in m-0 lost his nyx last nigh ...2009.03.21 11:27:00
- Thanks for the replies guys :) Tbh scorp was fitted more as a joke :P With the ****ty dmg im amaze ...2009.03.21 06:47:00
- Edited by: 1W3GHXQZ on 21/03/2009 07:01:44 Hi all.My first proper attempt to make a eve pvp movie.A ...2009.03.20 10:22:00

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