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- -1 account here ...2011.06.26 08:53:00
- Why you have always one highlight? Why not to highlight them all? This way are the dark ones too dar ...2011.06.07 14:03:00
- Thank you all for this masterpiece. And thank you for finding time to put in all that easter eggs. ...2011.05.30 19:56:00
- Ohh, made my day just now Best news in this year so far for me because CS1 and 2 are the reasons I ...2011.03.03 23:49:00
- Thanks CCP, I know that Athlon XP proccesors and like are out of date but to be told that I can't pl ...2011.01.18 15:54:00
- Edited by: Cora Saper on 19/06/2010 08:35:13 Hii, I downloaded version 2.12.4 and there are no fact ...2010.06.19 08:34:00
- But I get this error message: Offline installerYour EVE Online installer has failed because of downl ...2010.05.26 22:16:00
- Hii CCP, when will be available offline installer for Eve: Tyrannis? Best regards Cora Saper ...2010.05.26 22:11:00
- Nice topic!!! ...2010.05.09 20:39:00
- yeah, but it will be usefull to put unpackaged ships to freighter if you move from one place to anot ...2010.04.28 20:04:00
- Hi, I just have an idea. When I tried to put unpackaged, fitted ship to freighter cargo, I noticced ...2010.04.28 19:56:00

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