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- One time, i decided to train every skill i could, i bought a skill for 200m, looked at it, and reali ...2011.07.06 09:14:00
- Unless of course they figure that as time goes on most of those unsubbs will puss out, or they will ...2011.06.25 21:21:00
- Don't you "i'm quiting eve" threaterners get it? Even if 3500 subs quit (ok a wildly overestimate am ...2011.06.25 20:41:00
- Section 7. A. 17. CONDUCT A. Specifically Restricted Conduct Your continued access to the System a ...2011.06.25 19:38:00
- I also wonder what game CCP is playing. For the time being I see no none of your 4 points come tru ...2011.06.25 19:17:00
- NO ...2011.06.24 16:44:00
- Standing revealed as per request. Skill queue and implants for public viewing. ...2011.06.24 15:07:00
- T2 stuff? don't even bother looking, shield race EM, armour race Explo. That dmg versatility is a ...2011.06.24 12:04:00
- I literally sat at zero on a gate and tanked a Hype, Domi, Cyclone, Hurricane, and some other small ...2011.06.24 11:57:00
- Edited by: Icylce on 24/06/2011 10:27:32 Edited by: Icylce on 24/06/2011 09:47:24 Hi!I would like ...2011.06.24 09:45:00
- Funny how with all this rage, we are still to receive our first war declaration..... You are not ...2011.06.20 21:45:00
- for real though anyone who is butthurt that hydra ~cheated~ by being dastardly needs to shut the hel ...2011.06.20 21:41:00
- Goldenly honest?Ever tried working it out, the average cost of hosting a server plus wages for devel ...2011.06.20 20:19:00
- In fact none of you agreeing to this 'complain to the sponsors' crap are even seeing the bigger pict ...2011.06.20 19:54:00
- It was the same post.In summation, this was a fantastic tournament. There were a lot of go ...2011.06.20 18:55:00

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