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- I suspect Hillmar better polish up on his shoe dodging technique for the next fan-fest. If he intend ...2011.06.29 06:06:00
- Edited by: Terminal Insanity on 29/06/2011 03:13:19 Personally i love the Incarna expansion, and wh ...2011.06.29 05:57:00
- This is simple math really providing each of the account's quitting are paying with cash and not isk ...2011.06.28 22:51:00
- I'm staying till July 4th out of morbid curiosity of what CCP is going to try to get out of this hol ...2011.06.28 22:29:00
- So here we stand now at a crossroads. We've had documentation on the state of internal dialog with C ...2011.06.28 03:41:00
- You speak of contacting CSM for any questions or suggestions. How do we contact CSM? ...2011.06.28 01:39:00
- CCP Zulu - all blogsThanks Katrina ...2011.06.28 01:32:00
- Edited by: Jacoba Stalker on 28/06/2011 01:13:26 How do you pay?If you pay by recurring Paypal paym ...2011.06.28 01:10:00
- nt ...2011.06.28 01:06:00
- As already stated before, in Account Management, mouse over Game Time, and Cancel Subscription is in ...2011.06.28 01:02:00
- If I follow your logic AG you're fine with somebody spending real money for plex which they sell for ...2011.06.28 00:57:00
- Think about it everyone. You've maybe spent 5-10 years playing this game. You've put a lot of time ...2011.06.28 00:19:00
- With all these rumors and "facts" running about on these here forums, the one nagging question I fin ...2011.06.27 22:57:00
- IDEA #2 - THE INCARNA-BOUND (DIGITAL) "Eve: The Second Genesis Collectible Card Game"This one is muc ...2011.06.27 22:49:00
- An add to your post> personalized camouflage modifications for AUR ( like this ) > personalized all ...2011.06.27 21:26:00

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