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- Add me to the crowd :(I couldn't even get logged in for the last 4-5 days. Finally managed to get in ...2008.10.16 20:51:00
- I was having what seems to be the same problem the last several days. Proxifier, winsockfix and chan ...2008.10.16 19:45:00
- When this happens, ALT + ENTER to force it to windowed, then ALT + ENTER again to force it back into ...2008.10.15 22:01:00
- i have not gotten that impression when i started eve and neither have the people i introduced to eve ...2008.09.23 15:06:00
- You’ll buy something in a space station, but buying it doesn’t actually give you the item, you have ...2008.09.23 14:56:00
- Today a great battle ensued between you and proper formatting...and formatting lost :(You totally wi ...2008.09.21 02:22:00
- Hey guys,Can someone help me with something? I'm trying to remember an old saying. Something about r ...2008.09.14 00:54:00
- Possibly some good news...The skill I was "trying" to train just finished. It let me go on to the ne ...2008.09.11 01:04:00
- I did the same. I got moved to a different system but I still can't get a skill going.Evemon seems t ...2008.09.10 23:35:00
- I'm getting this same **** too. It won't let me start a skill. I log into my alt and it won't let me ...2008.09.10 23:13:00
- Edited by: Volarius on 10/09/2008 09:41:57 Heard they made quite a mess around their office in Reyk ...2008.09.10 15:36:00
- El'Tar chased them all away.El'Tar is a scary, scary person...I have noticed it's harder to find any ...2008.09.07 00:24:00
- It crashed while patching in Kubuntu under Wine and froze the entire PC. This seems to have hosed Ku ...2008.09.03 02:38:00
- Edited by: Rooker on 31/08/2008 16:07:55 Edited by: Rooker on 31/08/2008 16:06:33 You guys using t ...2008.08.31 16:06:00
- If they stopped entirely and you no longer had control of them, you might have abandoned them accide ...2008.08.31 15:31:00

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