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- Then i'd change the title of the tread a bit big guy.The subject of this thread is about a scammer t ...2009.04.18 22:56:00
- failure to dock up for 15 mins detectedI never said anything about docking, 'cat and mouse' warping ...2009.03.07 07:58:00
- The problem here isn't the pirate's alt. it's that your fleet didn't take the precautions while mini ...2009.03.07 04:33:00
- CCP and Steam are working together to promote Eve online. Many examples have been given as to why we ...2008.03.09 20:33:00
- I would just like to point out to everyone that Interbus is already on the drawing board.All I'm s ...2008.03.07 00:18:00
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- Edited by: Voku on 07/03/2008 00:04:29 Can't find one? Did you look past the first page? Because an ...2008.03.07 00:04:00
- We dont need some courier service, and we dont need a skill queue. Also, learn to spell the damn thi ...2008.03.06 21:08:00
- I don't plan on quitting... The game is perfectly fine. Please find something else to complain about ...2008.03.05 05:51:00
- I like to poo too. Makes me lighter...ah crap wrong poo. Well i like to pew as well. ...2008.02.29 20:40:00
- Edited by: Voku on 29/02/2008 03:26:15 What it sounds like from most people is you want the game to ...2008.02.29 03:22:00

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