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- So now i debate the bump or not. But being that I like these guys and they are good fun to fly wit ...2010.03.22 19:23:00
- I don't know... when eve released there were some pretty epic bugs to it. The release did happen s ...2009.02.27 15:21:00
- they have the bonuses, but they aren't in the description of the items yet. there was a forum po ...2009.02.27 15:11:00
- Honestly... if it weren't for the undustrialists there wouldn't be things for pew pew. But also, ...2009.02.27 15:09:00
- I don't have this issue at all with my alt. character that is all about industry. Infact, when I w ...2009.02.23 16:45:00
- I'm about 45 minutes south of albany ny. Last year, April There was a meet up in Philly that EON m ...2009.02.23 16:24:00
- I has been an epic ride being with TNT, that much I can say. No other corporation has left quite t ...2008.11.18 13:25:00
- thanks for the love, We are still looking for new pilots that would like to get into the mercenary ...2008.09.08 10:11:00
- By all means, check us out! ...2008.09.02 22:10:00
- Edited by: Xeserox on 01/09/2008 23:28:37 ...2008.09.01 23:28:00
- It was a good time being there, though i got a nick name from this op. :) ...2008.08.31 04:40:00
- I'm in upstate NY, would love to go to one in NYC, but it's kind of hard for me to get in there sadl ...2008.07.28 16:04:00
- Star Fraction has always been the anarchist group of the Eve Universe. What I find futile here is t ...2008.06.13 15:27:00
- * He watches the monitor light up about how Sarum will more than likely take over as empress and he ...2008.06.13 15:12:00
- Edited by: Xeserox on 12/06/2008 13:19:03 How could you not be doomed, filthy terrorist? God is on ...2008.06.12 13:18:00

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