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- It was. It isn't anymore. Now it's a paperweight. Correction:It was. It isn't anymore. Now it's a ...2007.11.30 11:40:00
- By far and away, the Guardian is the best ever looking ship with Trinity.Someone put up a screeny.Be ...2007.11.29 02:05:00
- Jesus Christ that is magnificent.Spectacular. ...2007.11.26 22:41:00
- All you need to do is ring up."Hey there, um...I have really bad diarrhoea this morning. Pouring out ...2007.11.16 23:43:00
- I am proud to be Amarr. Prefer to be in a minority than be a conformist Den ...2007.11.15 09:11:00
- Those graphics look worse than Earth and Beyond... Never had the chance to play that...And Nyack - s ...2007.11.10 23:06:00
- Warp to 0km! Kali was worth it just for that, tbh I also enjoyed the new ships, in particular the Ro ...2007.04.25 10:50:00
- Gallente, hands down.An Eos is far better than the other races equivalent.The Astarte is top of the ...2007.04.18 10:55:00
- Edited by: Denrace on 13/04/2007 10:27:49 i dont know how many people will not cancel his account i ...2007.04.13 10:31:00
- Was a good fight, props to KIA - however the lag when my gang went back to dock was horrible...for a ...2007.04.13 10:28:00
- A big part of it is that if you lose a ship (be it combat or PvE) you can be stuck with being ****ed ...2007.04.13 10:22:00
- To all these guys banging on about a Sacrilege as a heavy tackler...You jump a Sac into even a small ...2007.04.05 11:27:00
- Nighthawk vs Domi could be quite an amusing fight. I'd put money on the nighthawk personally.You are ...2007.03.29 12:08:00
- Changing the ship bonus is, what, less than a days work? Yet its taken years to even be considered - ...2007.03.27 12:18:00
- Neutron Blasters + passive tank, then fit 2 mag stabs and a damage control. Its pretty easy to fit i ...2007.03.27 12:16:00

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