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- Ahh, the days of surfing the Boards with my 2400bps modem. Logging into Prodigy to check my email an ...2011.09.01 04:08:00
- @ Stillman - Not to put a wet blanket over the good news, but is this preceding any news of banning ...2011.08.31 10:59:00
- In that case I'll bring up my concern here as well.Is this the first step towards regulating market ...2011.08.30 22:31:00
- Edited by: Alain Kinsella on 30/08/2011 21:47:35 CSV is a very simple format.Yes and no. The basic ...2011.08.30 21:44:00
- I am fervently hoping the authors of most of those models don't like Manhattan. I don't live ther ...2011.08.26 08:19:00
- Been glancing at the thread now and then, been busy elsewhere.On Ice mining:- Remove all ice belts, ...2011.08.24 19:51:00
- Remote Desktop FTW (and, actually, is a requirement due to some of the stuff I run at work).One nice ...2011.08.23 10:49:00
- For example, when the market makers broke the stock market for a few minutes last year, some stocks ...2011.08.23 10:37:00
- I'd have to agree on the 'severe drop' part. Login the last two weeks has been a surprise, as the ' ...2011.08.18 10:18:00
- I'm surprised this thread is still going. Anyway...*still patiently waiting for the IQD (Iraqi Dina ...2011.08.07 23:37:00
- That law has no teeth until you tie it with some form of 'all internet use require RL verification' ...2011.08.06 07:55:00
- *patiently waiting for IQD to revalue* ...2011.07.31 13:36:00
- Actually I have. I wasn't criticizing your coding, I was criticizing the fact that journal codes se ...2011.07.29 09:40:00
- Secretary eh? From what small activity I've seen 'politician' would fit better. :) First thing ou ...2011.07.19 05:26:00
- You haven't answered the question.Where are you getting the data from?Let me make it clearer, from w ...2011.07.18 21:56:00

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